Keeping it Local



On San Juan Island, supporting local isn’t just a trend; it’s a tradition.

At The Restaurant, we believe in the power of locally sourced ingredients, which is why we partner with nearby farms and businesses to bring you the freshest and most flavorful dishes possible. From ripe produce to consciously caught seafood and expertly crafted brews, our menu celebrates our commitment to sustainability and the rich culinary variety of our island.

Learn more about each of our partners and how they uphold our unique commitment to creating a true farm-to-table experience.

Mama Bird Farm
Nestled in the center of San Juan Island, Mama Bird Farm grows fresh food and flowers under organic and sustainable farming practices. From spring greens to fragrant flowers and vibrant heirloom tomatoes, usually harvested and delivered on the same day, this islander-owned farm maintains a strong relationship between its nearby ecosystems and communities
New Hannah Farm
New Hannah Farm, located on the West side of San Juan Island, produces high-quality “community-certified organic” products for local residents and businesses by using only OMRI-listed products. With roots as a family garden, their business and mission are grounded in principles of sustainability, community, and education.
San Juan Island Brewery
Produced just outside our doors in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Brewery was developed by island locals for island locals. They brew quality craft beers using raw materials sourced from England, Germany, and the United States to create beverages that pair effortlessly with food offerings ranging from fine dining to elevated pub food.
San Juan Island Distillery
In Roche Harbor, you’ll find San Juan Island Distillery crafting fine, small-batch ciders and spirits. Known for its award-winning apple brandy, the distillery utilizes Washington and island resources, including apples grown and harvested in their own orchard, to craft their products and educate their customers.
Wescott Bay Shellfish Co.
Wescott Bay Shellfish Co. is a small, family-run aquaculture farm on San Juan Island that has worked to restore shellfish crops and infrastructure from the once Wescott Bay Seafarms. Growing and harvesting clams, mussels, and oysters daily, they operate under a philosophy of environmental stewardship, respect, and community.
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